Electric Launches Electric Launches

16. Electric Launches

Kilworth Marine services have been involved in a number of electric launch projects. From diesel electric through electric launches with diesel generators to all electric launches.

Electric launches with diesel backup or re-charging are a good solution where the tranquillity of electric propulsion is desired but providing the self-contained re-charging facility for long trips or multiple days usage away from a charging point. Kilworth Marine Services has recently completed an unusual twin screw electric launch with a single generator to re-charge both the propulsion and domestic battery banks. This boat also has up to 3kW of mains power available which is enough power to use an electric kettle. Systems with large battery banks must always be designed with safety in mind, and we were able to design and install a battery ventilation system that removed all explosive gasses from the battery compartment during charging. In addition to all the electrical installation work on this vessel we also managed the installation of the hydraulic steering system and generator fuel system.

Kilworth Marine Services have a number of customers with purely electric launches which we maintain and service. These include Frolic electric boats and Duffy electric boats.