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15. Charging Solutions

Often our first point of contact with a boat is because of battery charging problems. Many boats have had more and more electrical systems added to them with little or no improvement to the battery charging system.

Kilworth Marine Services carry out a detailed examination of the vessels electrical system and also ask pertinent question of the owner about his current and intended uses. We then provide him with a set of proposals that will improve the charging and use of the batteries.

It’s not just older vessels. One case highlighted a problem with a whole series of motor yachts constructed in Holland in 2006. Whilst these vessels were fine on the inland waterways of the Netherlands they had constant low batteries when in the UK. Analysis revealed that at the maximum legal speed on the UK’s waterways the alternators where only just running fast enough to extinguish the charge warning light, but not nearly fast enough to provide a decent charge rate. As the engine manufacturer was unable to supply a solution, Kilworth Marine Services designed and manufactured a new alternator drive pulley for the engine and the problem was solved.