Ocean Rowing Boats

5. Ocean Rowing Boats

Kilworth Marine Services have designed and produced systems specifically for ocean rowing boats. These systems must cope with the harshest conditions on earth and still provide life supporting service to the occupants of the boat. In addition we have fully fitted out many ocean rowing boats from bare hulls, providing and installing all electrically connected gear on board from batteries and solar panels to satellite communications’ and water makers.

The system produced for ocean rowing boats consists to two watertight boxes which are connected together. The first box is a power supply box that handles the batteries and solar panel charging system. It also includes a battery monitor to give the rower precise information about the state of his batteries. The second box is a distribution box that provides circuit breakers for every circuit on the boat. No fuses are used in this system so no spares need to be carried and resetting a circuit is a simple as pressing a button.

Each customer is supplied with a laminated (water resistant) system manual with wiring diagrams.

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