Custom Panels

6. Custom Panels

Sometimes it is necessary to produce a custom panel for a particular vessel. We have produced custom panels in engraved plastic (Trafolite), stainless steel, aluminium, brass and even bronze.

< This is a panel for a bow thruster on a barge.

Custom Panels < This is a panel for a tug that had only had a limited space
   available for all the switches.

Custom Panels < This dash panel had to look like the original dash on this    classic boat, but was in fact a control panel for a    sophisticated diesel electric propulsion system. We also    designed and produced the main breaker panel to fit in a
   limited space. For more on this project see Diesel Electric
   Propulsion system

Custom Panels

Custom Panels < The owner of this motor yacht asked us to replace this
    tired old panel with something better.

Custom Panels < This is the replacement panel.

Custom Panels < This panel was produced for a re-fit of a classic motor

Custom Panels < This owner required some additional switches on his existing

We managed to source the original switches and fit them in such a way as they look like they are part of the original panel.

Custom Panels

Custom Panels < These are replacement bridge wing control panels on a 56m
   Super Yacht.

Custom Panels < We even produce panels in wood. This panel was produced
   out of teak by a boat builder from drawings supplied by us.
   We then installed and connected the instruments.